Information is that which serves as the answer to a question.

Data is not information...that is, it's not necessarily information. All the data in the world won't tell you anything if you don't want to know what it means in the first place.

The implications are profound. Information is a relative concept; that is, it's relative to the state of uncertainty of the receiving mind.

For example, here in VitoSpace, newspapers seldom contain actual news. We have no interest in political games...which immediately eliminates the majority of "news" from the information category. Neither are we particularly curious about who has shot, screwed, imprisoned, attacked, robbed, or otherwise coerced whom. That takes care of most of the rest of it., not to disparage those who enjoy reading newspapers, if that's their purpose. The point is that, if the avalanche of data that constantly barrages yo' brain doesn't resolve a question to which you really want to know the answer, it's not information. It's noise.

For that reason, we realize that it's perhaps somewhat presumptuous to call the information index page the "information index" page. Our presumption is that you're curious enough to look. If not, see ya...and go with Vitonian blessings of "squaafftt and pweeve", as they say.













...but what is it?

...information, that is

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