Mutant Noises

We note with amusement that certain sources lack the ability to cram the following samples of Vitonian tunage into a comfortably labeled box. (...sheesh) For those who simply must attach a label, use "Eclectic". Or possibly "Polyglot Rock".

We're using the SoundCloud player rather than loading our own audio files because SoundCloud starts streaming the audio instantly. Alas, the embedded player doesn't provide a volume control. Click on the track name to play it directly on the SoundCloud website, which does provide a volume control...if you need one.

CREDITSIt'll Be All Right

A clip from the forthcoming Vito Tuxedo album, Everything Is Everything.

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Another clip from the forthcoming Vito Tuxedo album, Everything Is Everything.

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Here in VitoSpace, we're big fans of negative entropy. After all, despite its thermodynamic improbability, it's the essence of life itself. Chomp on that one if you need something deep to ponder.

Anyhow, here's a clip from one similarly improbable manifestation of negative entropy in musical form.

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CREDITSLive Forever


A clip of the chorus and guitar lead from a rough mix of a work in progress. A rather tongue-in-cheek observation...or is it? I dunno...rock song lyrics often say just about anything the author "feels" without regard to any actual truth content. Ah, well...a heroic guitar solo, in any case.

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CREDITSBorodin öt Egyike


End titles music we wrote for something we're not supposed to talk about, so we won't. The Hungarian title translates to "Borodin is one of five", a reference to...well, you can investigate "The Five" for yourself, if you are blessed with the gift of curiosity. And yes...we realize that part of the melody is reminiscent of the "Russian" theme from Borodin's In The Steppes Of Central Asia. That's part of the point of writing a tribute to someone on whose shoulders you're standing, if you catch our drift.

In addition to his musical avocation, Alexander Borodin was a physician and a scientist who did important research in organic chemistry. We can relate. He also founded the first medical school for women in Russia—a genuine advocate of women's rights almost a century before it became a fashionably politicized convolution of its original worthy purpose.

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There are places you can't describe in any words that communicate the experience of being there. I suppose it's very much like music—either you get it or you don't.

That's certainly true of this piece. For the folks with whom it resonates, the resonance goes deep.

Another work in progress... an attempt to recreate the feel of the soundtrack from a flying dream. Those dreams are rare, and catching the accompanying tunage is even rarer. Luckily, this is one that didn't get away.

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This is a symphonic composition inspired by a ditty on Frank Zappa's Lumpy Gravy album. I have no plans to extend it; the existing piece says everything I wanted to say. Sometimes less is more.

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