Vito Tuxedo Sampler

A smattering of Vitonian tunage fo' yo' brain

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEverything Is Everything xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx It'll Be All Right (clip) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Get Ready

Live Forever (Chorus & Lead)

• What's Going On Today (the L.A. mix)   ...... (Vito & Ric Zweig)

Turn Your Face To The Sun (clip)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMusic From The Other Side xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Behind The Wall

The Energy Of Life

• In The Air

Ever More (Synth Solo)


Haps Gorph G


Aydle Daydle Draynts

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSteeped – Tunage from the exciting new Acid Elevator Music™ genre xxxxxxxxx


Mist On The Mountain

Temple Of The Red Robe


Terra Nova
More noises will appear from time to if by magic.

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