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From the forthcoming CD album Everything Is Everything
by Vito and The Fizzicists

When it goes to the C chord in the first and second "verses", there's one short rockabilly guitar riff that you might recognize
if you've listened carefully to the background guitar stuff on Mythbusters. Used with permission; not stolen.

PFC Horn—you know, the RTO in Tour of Duty, Season 1—didn't play the harmonica part...but he could have.
Actually, the part was played by Blues Harp "Bob" Incognito.

The banjo stuff was played by an individual whom I can only identify as Banjito "Bob" Incognito.

Oh...and the little burst of mandolin artistry is the work of Mandolito "Bob" Incognito.

Vito "Bob" Incognito made all the rest of the noises and wrote the music. Including that mutant pedal steel guitar stuff.

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